Raffles & Drawings:

1. Members Only Drawing
Only SFV club members are eligible. You must attend the General Meeting and be wearing your Name Tag and/or Club apparel with you name on it to win. $5.00 is added to the Drawing each meeting until someone wins. If you came in a Model ‘A’ on the night of the drawing an additional $20.00 will be added to the prize money. If in the month of November, there is no winner, the drawing amount will be carried over to January’s drawing with $5.00 being added for January.

2. 50/50 Drawing
Every person attending the meeting is eligible. You must purchase Raffle tickets to participate. The prize is half of the money collected from the sale of the 50/50 tickets. The club gets the other half of the money.

3. General Raffle
Every person attending the meeting who has purchased Raffle Tickets is eligible. To participate, deposit the ticket stubs in the container adjacent to the item or items that you would like to win. If your ticket number is drawn, you will win the item(s).

4. Ladies Only Drawing
All ladies in attendance are eligible. They will receive a FREE ticket for this drawing.


1. Everyone can participate in any or all activities. A Model ‘A’ is not necessary. Modern cars are welcome. This is a good way to meet other members and have some fun. All vehicles involved in Club activities must comply with State Minimum Insurance Liability requirements.

2. Each member who goes on an activity in a Model ‘A’ will receive mileage credit. Mileage credit is cumulative. Members may purchase mileage patches as their mileage reaches the following levels: 250 (free from the Club), 500, 1000, etc.

3. Club Outings: Any member can set up and conduct a tour of his or her liking. It can be as varied as you can make it and may include: overnight trips, day trips, picnics, Parades, etc. Ask the Activities Chairman for additional information.
4. Annual Banquet: This is an annual club event which replaces the December club meeting to install of the new board of Officers.


1. The club is run on a voluntary basis. Your participation and help is requested.
2. You may be asked from time to time to volunteer for any number of Club items( i.e., Refreshments for monthly meeting, Ladies on Raffle, etc.)
3. You can assist at the meetings by setting up, taking down the chairs and tables, helping sell raffle tickets and keeping the meeting room clean.
4. You may be asked to be a member of a Phone Committee. This group will be called into action when important information needs to be transmitted to the club members.
5. You may want to Volunteer to be on various Committees. This is a good way to meeting the other club members.
6. Board members are elected on a yearly basis. Please consider running for office.
7. Committee members are appointed. Pick the job that you would like to do and let the President know that you are interested.
8. All members are invited to the monthly board meetings where you can express your ideas and suggestions. See ‘The Rumble Sheet’ for time and place and contact the host before the board meeting.
9. Remember to read ‘The Rumble Sheet’ to keep up with the current activities. Use the phone numbers in the Roster to call a board, committee, or other member if you need information or have something to discuss.


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