San Fernando Valley Model A Club

Information Sheet


Ownership of a Model ‘A’ is not necessary to be a member.

To become a Member of the San Fernando Valley Model ‘A’ Club you must join a National Model ‘A’ Organization and supply your Membership number to the SFV Club Membership Chairman when available. MAFCA application forms can be found by clicking here and MARC application forms can be found by clicking right here.

  1. SFV Club Membership applications are available at our general meetings or by clicking here to download. Dues run from January to January. New Membership applications and payments received after October of current year receive credit for the following year. In order to be included in the current year’s roster, dues must be received by February 1st (No Exceptions).
  2. Renewal Membership applications and/or dues commence being accepted in the month of October and must be paid by February 1st, for inclusion in the new years roster.
  3. Membership extends to any two family members living at the same address over the age of 18 years old that are designated on the application at the time of its completion.
  4. You may elect to have a birthday card sent to any children in your household by listing their name and date of birth on the application and including $1.00 per child listed with your dues.
  5. After your application has been processed, you will receive:
    1.  a copy of the Club’s Roster
    2.  a copy of the Club’s By-laws
    3.  a name badge
    4.  a copy of the Club’s Touring guidelines
    5.  a map of Tour meeting places

In addition, you will commence receiving monthly copies of the Club’s newsletter; ‘The Rumble Sheet’.

Contributions to A.C.C.C.

We strongly recommend the donation of $5.00 to the Association of California Car Clubs (A.C.C.C.) which is collected in conjunction with your membership/renewal dues. The Club pays $5.00 on your behalf, regardless of your payment, and would greatly appreciate your contribution to this worthy Association. The group lobbies in Sacramento on behalf of the Old and Antique Car Clubs.

The A.C.C.C. was formed in March 16, 1972. The A.C.C.C. is a volunteer organization representing interests of member clubs across the state, forming a bridge between the automotive enthusiast and your elected officials. The A.C.C.C. is united to serve by informing and educating their members, and by using appropriate channels of communication at all levels of government, as necessary, to protect and preserve the collectible automobile hobby.